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AFRAH Calibration Laboratory

AFRAH as one of the SUPER SANATI’s companies  is established in1994 for sales and engineering calibration maintenance.

Having expertise personnel  with 35 years of experience in different industries specially Oil, Gas and Petrochemical is proud to be able to solve many needed engineering tasks of the country.

In 2004,  AFRAH succeeded to obtain accreditation from ISIRI  (No.: 682).

In 2008, AFRAH succeeded to be recognized as an ISO/IEC 17025  Internationally Accredited Calibration Laboratory by ILAC partner in Iran (IAS).

In 2009, AFRAH is  recognized by Ministry of Petroleum of Iran for carrying out calibration of meters, metering systems and water draw system for custody transfer purposes.

In addition to providing consultancy, design and sales in the field of calibration rooms and portable calibrators, AFRAH is active in calibration and services for instruments and other physical quantities such as : pressure, temperature, dimension, torque, liquid & gas flow, orifice plates together with accredited calibration report either Iranian Standard Organization or Internationally recognized calibration report.

AFRAH is the first accredited calibration laboratory who  succeeded to have accreditation for calibration of  Liquid and Gas Orifice Plates in Iran.

A part of our engineering services are dedicated to liquid flow calibration and gas flow calibration, repair and maintenance of Proves,  Cans, Truck  and Ship Loading, Fuel stations, Mobile Provers, Meters, Inspection & Calibration of tanks, WET calibration.


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For more info, please visit: www.afrahco.com